seared pork tenderloin

1 tablespoon whole white peppercorns

1 tablespoon whole coriander

4 ½ tablespoons ground cinnamon

2 teaspoons ground nutmeg

1 teaspoon ground cloves

3 ½ tablespoons unsweetened cocoa

4 tablespoons sea salt, preferably gray

2 (2-pound) boneless pork tenderloins

2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

In a medium saucepan over medium heat, toast white peppercorns and coriander seeds until they begin to pop. Remove from heat and grind to fine powder in a coffer grinder (for spices). Mix the ground pepper and coriander with remaining spices, cocoa and salt.

Trim the pork tenderloins of fat and silver skin. Rub with a generous amount of the cocoa spice rub. Heat the olive oil in a large sauté pan over medium high heat until hot but not smoking. Sear each tenderloin on all sides until a rich brown color, about 2 minutes each side. Remove tenderloins from heat and finish in the oven for about 10 minutes or until cooked through.

Let the tenderloins rest out of the oven for at least 10 minutes before carving.

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Cocoa Spiced Pork Tenderloin with Crimini Berry Sauce


When I woke up at about 2 at night bobbing on my mattress just like a cork in high seas and observed that my feet had been raised above my head level I realized that something was completely wrong. As I attempted to get out of bed, my hubby woke and asked the reason why the mattress was so unstable. Being weightier than I (thank heavens) he was in a more serious state – his upper body virtually on the floor.

“We have sprung a leak,” I stated as I gathered up the pillow and walked in the direction for the small guest room along with the twin bed.

I understand it sounds absurd but for the last nine months we’ve been sleeping on an air mattress. Provided it is a robust double-high one, nonetheless, it’s an air mattress.
As a matter of fact, we have got an old residence and the staircase to the upper rooms is simply too narrow to get anything larger than a twin bed up and round the corner. So, considering that we gave my father-in-law our own bed as well as bath downstairs, we are typically in a semi-nomadic condition as far as slumbering. For some time we slept on our brand new pull-out sofa in the office, however, let’s face it, regardless of how nice the couch, it certainly is not a bed.

When this did not work we looked for the best air mattress on the market and finally purchased an excellent air mattress and shifted upstairs to the room which was recently vacated by our daughter. Now, Pa is almost 92 and I think he’s got Duracell batteries in his pacemaker simply because he is getting stronger, compelling us to reconsider our sleeping plans.

I was holding out to buy a bed since the next bed I desire is a king, (that I cannot get upstairs), but ending up on the deflated end of the air mattress at 2 at night forced us to make a decision.

The good thing is that no one will buy beds just before Christmas, therefore, the clerk was ready to negotiate with us. Thus, we purchased another twin, and at last, after 9 months slept in genuine beds which worked like a king. (I nearly bought champagne.)

Some things are simply worth it, even though they are not in the plan.

I am really thanking God we have a real bed!

The best techniques for how to make hard-boiled, scrambled, and poached eggs: (source:


1. Place 4 eggs in a medium pot and fill with enough cold water to cover eggs by 1 inch. Place pot over high heat and bring water to a boil. Remove pot from heat and allow to sit, covered, for 12 minutes.

2. Pour off water and run eggs under cold water to cool.3. Tap eggs on work surface, then gently roll to loosen shell. Peel off shell.

scramble egg


1. In a medium bowl, whisk 4 eggs, 1 to 2 tablespoons cream or milk, salt, and freshly ground pepper until light and frothy.

2. In a 10- or 12-inch nonstick skillet over low heat, melt ½ to 1 tablespoon butter until bubbly.

3. Pour egg mixture into center of pan. As egg starts to set, use a heatproof spatula to scrape cooked egg into the center. Repeat, scraping and folding, until no liquid remains and moist curds form. Transfer to a warm plate and adjust seasonings; serve immediately.


1. Crack 1 egg into each of 4 ramekins. In a large straight-sided skillet over medium-high heat, bring 2 to 3 inches slightly salted water and 1 teaspoon white vinegar to a simmer.

2. Carefully slide one egg at a time into water, spacing evenly.

3. Partially cover pan and poach until white is firm (not runny) and yolk is opaque, 3½ to 4½ minutes. With a slotted spoon, remove eggs and season with salt and pepper; serve immediately.


Once you have decided to move to your own apartment or house, the first thing you should definitely think about is cookware for your kitchen.

You know, when I remember the time I was searching for a quality skillet I start to panic, because it was a rather hard decision made in quite a short period of time. I was walking from shop to shop, but everything I found clouded my vision and I had to choose from among various models the one which fit all of my expectations. Finally, I managed to get one among three best models, but I hesitated much due to the fact that I did not know for sure whether I was actually making the right decision or not. However, that brand skillet met all of my requirements and I am still enjoying utilizing it.

Therefore, I decided to write a kind of the best skillet reviews of three models I encountered for everyone who will face the same problem as I did.

So, I would start with the model I was about to choose – Lodge 12-inch Cast Iron skillet. It was the first that fell into my eye while searching among the scopes of cookware. It turns to be the best one for those who plan to use a frying pan in whatever condition, on a grill, over an open flame or in an oven. Being rather versatile and durable, it may be used while heating and frying pre-seasoned. It is made of iron, therefore for those who do not know how to use iron skillets correctly, it might seem rather heavy and difficult in maintenance. I also belong to those people, so I decided to search further.
Next I encountered the All-Clad 12-Inch Fry Pan with lid, which was lighter in exposure than the previous one. It is durable and comfortable to use both on the stove or oven thanks to its clad construction. It also includes the lid, which makes it rather qualitative. Besides, it is very quick while heating and cooking that is of a great advantage. However, due to the fact that it is non-stick costing $100 or so, I hesitated about buying it.

The greatest alternative for me became T-fal E93808 12.5-inch Fry Pan. It is a non-stick frying pan used in whatever condition thanks to its coating wearing off and cushioned silicone handle. It turns to be rather qualitative at a considerable price of only $ 24.50. The hot spot in the middle makes it possible to know when the skillet is hot enough to cook that is extremely convenient. Moreover, it can be easily cleaned by a dishwasher.

I have never regretted buying T-fal E93808 12.5-inch Fry Pan due to the fact that I have been using it for 3 years and have not noticed any drawbacks yet.

making tea

With a variety of kettle in the market, choosing the right one might be an intimidating task. It, therefore, took me considerable effort to compile the right information to help you make the right choice. The research includes features and recommendation of best kettle. Just like any other consumer, you might have been in the journey of searching the internet the best kettle 2016 for you. After experiencing the same situation, I came up with critical data to satisfy your needs. Read it here to choose or eliminate electric Kettle that does not match your needs.

When considering the best kettle 2016, best features would take priority. Narrowing down to fit what I expect for the best Kettle, I suppose time it takes to boil, kind of material used, the capacity, how noisy is it and how easy is it to view the level.

Out there are many varieties, but it is worth to focus on the best.

Some products are exclusively expensive but worth every penny you spend. Last time I came across Cuisinart variety. After a consistently using it for several months, I rate the product as the best kettle 2016. The product gives me an unforgettable experience. Within four minutes I boil water for the kids. My wife follows to prepare some Traditional Medicinal teas. Between us, we use the cattle for approximately six times a day. It’s durable and efficient.

Having a lovely cup of hot tea in the morning is pleasant for many. However, having a high-quality Kettle makes it more enjoyable. Sharing my experience aims at helping you access a best kettle 2016. Among the best-rated products include, Dualit 1 Litre, DeLonghi Brilliante, Chef’s Choice are currently most preferred.

Your housekeeping requires high standards, and it all starts with lovely food and drinks. You should make a proper choice of Kettle to maintain the standards.



favourite coffee

How my love for coffee actually started is very interesting; coffee is one thing I had never liked at all. Even though I saw all my family members take coffee every single morning, I just couldn’t and always took tea instead. However, immediately I went to college I started reading so many good things about coffee; from doctor’s journals to even books, people were advised to take plenty of coffee for it came with tons and tons of benefits for our health. After going through quite a number of them, I was convinced about the health benefits of coffee. I talked to my mom about it and she was over excited. In fact, she was ready to give me the espresso machine they have in the kitchen for the longest time, but I did tell her it was not necessary; I was going to shop for the best espresso maker 2016. I knew a couple of friends who have had such machines for as long as I can remember and I knew they were going to advise me on the best espresso maker to buy.

True my words; I left the next morning to town and came back to my college room that evening with a nice and powerful espresso machine. To cut the story short, it is now over three months since I got the machine and I love the way it does its job. That is not even the best part; strongly brewed cup of coffee is one thing I never miss every other morning. So just like the rest of people, thanks to the best espresso maker I have in my room, I am also reaping the rich health benefits of coffee. Interestingly, quite a number of friends have come to learn of my espresso maker and they normally stop over maybe before they go for their respective lectures or just in the evening for a taste of it. The experience has been amazing!

To keep abreast with some of the best chef knives and kitchen knives on the market, it is imperative you go through a number of best kitchen knives reviews. It is equally important to familiarize yourself with some of the renowned knife companies in the world. Wusthof Company (a German kitchen knives company) is famed for not only being among the best knife companies, but for also manufacturing some of the most versatile knives suitable for both home cooking and professional cooking enthusiasts. Here’s a quick guide for buying the best kitchen knives set.
kitchen knives
Wusthof Gourmet Cooks Knife

This knife comes with a synthetic ergonomic handle, which has been triple folded for purposes of enhancing its durability but at the same time retaining the smoothness and stylish looks of the knife. It also boasts of a computer controlled polishing and grinding of the blade, thus ensuring the knife’s cutting blade remains razor sharp and easier to resharpen.

Wusthof Ikon Knife

This knife has a perfect handle that is suitable for preparing virtually all cuisines ranging from Asian to Western cuisines. It comes with an extraordinary sharp blade that is easy to maintain. Its blade is also lined with high carbon stainless steel thus giving it outstanding strength. This knife is well balanced for effortless cutting and also comes with a specially designed bolster.

Wusthof Xline Bread Knife

This knife features a double-beveled blade that is specifically designed for purposes of ensuring a smooth slice, a ceramic coating on its blade and a carbon coating to increase the longevity of its blade. This knife perfectly suits both a professional chef and a starter cook.

Wusthof Classic Ikon

This knife is specifically designed to give both chefs and home owners ultimate cutting experience. It comes with a synthetic handle which is stylishly contoured for purposes of providing both control and hand comfort. Its blade is skillfully honed and also boasts of an incredible sharp edge, thus providing less resistance when slicing and shopping. It also has a computer controlled polishing and grinding of the blade.

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Glowy Skin Green Juice

4 celery ribs
Spinach Leaves
2 Kale Leaves
1-inch knob fresh ginger
1 green apple
1/4 bunch flat leaf parsley
1 cucumber

bloody mary juice

Cleansing Bloody Mary

1/4 cups fresh cilantro
1/2 fresh red chile
2-3 tomatoes
5 celery ribs
1 red bell pepper
3 limes, peeled
1/2 cucumber

Tummy Tamer Pink Lemonade

2 cups purple chopped cabbage
1-inch fresh ginger
2 granny smith apples
1/2 fennel bulb
2 lemons peeled

by Rachel Talbott

There are things that my mother didn’t tell me. Unfortunately, it wasn’t something that should have been taught in school- or so I think. The little science I learned in class couldn’t really give me the knowledge I needed to know how to choose the right pots and pans. Don’t be mistaken; I am not complaining. Rather, I just want to let you know that some of the things that we need to know are learned through experience. These are things that we learn when we start handling bigger responsibilities – like running a family, managing a home, and most importantly, the kitchen.

One of the things that I didn’t know is that the type of pots and pans a person chooses has the potential to worsen or improve his or her cooking. Does this make any sense to you? Apparently, as weird as this might sound, it actually is the truth of the matter. As soon as I got hold of this important piece of information, and upon verifying it, there was no turning back – I started finding the best cookware. Besides, my adventurous nature wouldn’t allow me to just sit back and let the world pass me by. Even though I had planned for it, I sacrificed some unimportant monthly expenses to replace my cookware.

set of cookware

Before replacing my cookware, I first of all evaluated what I had in the kitchen and how they were impacting my cooking. It came to my realization that I needed to make a few changes here and there. Briefly, let me share with you how buying the best cookware has transformed my cooking. The primary change had to do with the material used to make the cookware. I bought several pieces of cookware made of heavy gauge materials. The thinner gauge materials sitting in my kitchen cabinet had already warped at the bottom. Some of them even had dents.

As I later realized, the dents and warping was the common cause of food scorching. It is important for the cookware bottom to be as flat as possible- especially if the stovetop component is electric. Heavy gauge materials are durable and aren’t prone to dents and warps. On the same note, the heat usually spread more evenly compared to the pans and pots made using thinner gauge materials.

You must already be wondering how to determine the heaviness of a pan. Well, it’s pretty straightforward. First and foremost, lift the item and then look at how thick the walls and the base are. Try rapping it using your knuckles and listen keenly to the type of sound produced. You are looking at two possibilities – a dull thud or a light ping. If you hear the former, the material is thick enough.

You might be interested with to get this ceramic cookware.

Watch this guide on selecting cookware:

You may be considering getting an induction range, but you are unsure about what to buy. There are so many suggestions given on best induction cookware, however, it all depended with your preference, either stainless set or nonstick one.

For any induction material, you choose to use you must use two criteria when selecting them. Firstly, you need to consider the heat up satisfaction on the current induction element. The second thing you need to consider is a good cookware and not just an induction cookware. Though your reasons for buying a new set of cooking equipments may vary, there are various selections of cookware that I feel are the best and come across so far.

cooking-with-ceramic (1)

First, you can consider buying a complete set. If this is what you are thinking, then Duxtop Stainless steel set is the best for you. The set is loved by many people across the globe and is said to be the best. It is well designed to work with cook-tops that are stainless steel and they look very good. Additionally, the set is made of eight and ten inch frying pan, two and three quart saucepans with their cover, five quart casserole pan with a cover, and six and half saucepots with cover. This makes it the best induction cookware in the market today. In addition, the cookware has three unique layers constructed in a sandwiched aluminum core that is set between two layers of magnetic stainless still by the manufacturer. The magnetic layer is perfect and helps in giving perfect satisfactory results every time you are cooking.

There are other cookwares you can opt to purchase for your kitchen smaller budget. However, you need to consider buying something that that heats and cools very quickly or something that is slow to heat and also slow to cool down. Again, this will depend with what you prefer, however, you may need to have a vessel with a straight and tall sides or low and curved sided vessel. You need to first sit down and decide on the shape, material, and size of the induction cookware you what to purchase.

zesty peach chutney

2 lbs. peaches, peeled, pitted, and chopped (frozen are fine)

1 lb onions, chopped

¾ cups red wine vinegar

½ cup apple cider or juice

1/3 cup chopped, pitted dates

1/3 cup raisins

1 habanero pepper, seeded and minced (use disposal gloves when doing this)

1 tsp. salt

1 tsp. powdered ginger

¼ tsp powdered cloves

1 tablespoon mustard seeds

Grated peel and juice of 1 lemon

1 ½ cups packed dark brown sugar

In a large saucepan, combine peaches with remaining ingredients. Bring to a boil over high heat, stirring occasionally. Reduce heat and simmer until peaches and onions are tender, stirring occasionally for about one hour. Stir more often as mixture begins to thicken to prevent scorching.

For peach barbecue sauce, click here.


When I started my travel agency a few years ago, I was relatively young, and I was eager to get business going and start making money. I had this idea in my head that, no matter what you do or what industry you’re in, the customers will come to you. I knew that marketing was important, but it wasn’t at the forefront of my thoughts as I brainstormed ways to build my company and “get rich”.

I was lucky in the first couple years, in that I had a steady stream of customers that recommended me to their friends and built up my client-base. Unfortunately, the economy tanked shortly thereafter, and I was left wondering if people really still wanted to spend their money on vacations (especially through travel agencies). A friend of mine suggested that I start looking for new ways to attract customers, and mentioned that she was having a lot of good results from social media marketing. I decided to look into it myself.

I tried a lot of channels before I really found my stride. Twitter marketing wasn’t for me, the customers in my target demographic aren’t really on Pinterest, and Facebook was already too crowded with advertising “noise”. I was about to give up, and then I tried YouTube. I was SHOCKED at the great results I got!

I started my foray into YouTube on a small scale, creating Malaysia YouTube ads and Singapore YouTube ads first since those are two of our most popular destinations. The response was fantastic! Almost immediately we had people commenting on our videos, writing in to our website, and calling our agency from all over the world! Even people FROM Malaysia and Singapore were reaching out to us to help plan their travel to other parts of the world because they had seen our ads!

Needless to say, I am a firm believer in YouTube ads now. We release them regularly and are always pleased with the return on our investments. I always make sure to recommend them to anyone I know that is looking for an effective way to grow their business.



Coming up with a meal of rice can be incredibly tricky. Ideally, if you do not know how to cook, there is no way you will get the whole process right. However, did you know that you can pull through the whole process effectively and with so much ease if today you decide to use one of the best rice cookers? After they unveiled their first Panasonic rice cooker, Panasonic have constantly continued to develop amazing rice cookers with the best rice cooker reviews by users. Panasonic SR-G06GF is currently being sought after by many rice lovers.

Top features of Panasonic SR-G06GF

With many people going for this item, this is no surprise because every part of this rice cooker has been laid out perfectly well. Its designed has been incredibly crafted and done. In fact, apart from the kind of reliability you will get from this amazing Panasonic rice cooker, the design alone will give the whole rice cooker a modern and appealing look.


Automatic cooking

From the way many electric rice cookers are being designed, it seems automatic features being included has become the order of the day, and this model has not also been left out. This rice cooker come fully equipped with automatic shut off and cooking for easy operation. You can program the rice cooker to cook for some then automatically shuts off on its own.

3-cups of rice and transparent glass

These two features have, practically, raised the standards of this rice cooker. It can automatically cook up three cups of uncooked rice. Additionally, the see-through glass that comes with this item will give you an amazing opportunity to see the progress of your cooking with so much ease.


It can be frustrating to buy a rice cooker only to find you still need to buy other accessories to complete the whole rice cooker. However, with this model, you need not to worry for it comes fully accessorize with rice scoop, a cup and a multilingual instruction manual. Other major highlights of this Panasonic rice cooker certainly have to be stay cool lid, light indicator when cooking and amazing handles that will enable you to safely move this item from one location to another.

Bottom line, this rice cooker is reliable and worth checking out. However, if today you decide to buy this rice cooker, it is very important you know that it is not recommended for brown rice; besides, you will have to clean your uncooked rice before you cook; and let that must be done in a separate pan and not on the one coming with the rice cooker.

More brands:

Remember I said these blog updates would be random?  Well, nothing like silence after nine months and then the first house related post in four years.  I want to share some details about our kitchen renovation experience because, during our process, I was constantly looking for real-world examples and I found other writers’ blog posts  and photographs to be useful.  So here goes mine.

Our house was built as one of several in an area of military homes in circa 1955.  I always say circa because there are no records for the house at the land titles office until 1968, when the entire parcel of land that was owned by the military was broken up and sold as individual lots.  In aerial photos of Hillcrest (my neighbourhood) our house is present as of 1959.  When we started renovating and pulled down some walls, we found a a 1949 German Pfennig (coin) tucked in the ceiling. I usually split the difference between those two dates to come up with the approximate age of the house.

We knew that renovating the kitchen would be the most expensive and most time consuming, so we left this to the end of our renovations.  There will always be little things to do (is it possible for that not to be true as a home owner?) such as better trim, a new garage door, shelves just outside the kitchen area, painting the exterior, improving the garden, extending the deck, etc., but the kitchen was the last BIG item.


Here are a few details that might help others who are trolling the interwebs for examples and information that might relate to their project.

  • If you are buying from Heath, the overstock is an awesome deal but consider the glaze variation number, especially if you are buying seconds.  The higher the variation rating, the more likely it is that there will be differences between pieces.  Frost has a 5 rating (which is high – compare that to Antique White which is only a 1). In buying seconds we were buying tile where the glaze variation was beyond 5, so the dissimilarity between the tiles we bought was pretty significant.  We were fine with that; we like the way it looks, but it is something to be aware of.
  • We pre-sorted all of the tiles in order to ensure the best quality ones were used in the installation and to ensure that the colour differences were spread across the walls.  Time consuming?  Yup.
  • We used 3/16″ spacers between the tile; Ben felt this gave more flexibility in being able to balance the differences in size between the tiles.  Remember, because the tiles aren’t machine made, they are imperfect.
  • Grout choice was really hard; we ended up with a light grey (Prism brand, colour #115 Platinum).  Our upstairs bathroom has a lot of white tile and white grout and I can’t stand how the white grout gets visibly stained.  I didn’t want that to happen in the kitchen.
  • Considering concrete counters?  Fu-Tung Cheng’s book on the subject is exceptionally helpful.  To get our shade, we used Quikrete cement colour in charcoal and we doubled the amount of dye to make sure the counters were a very dark grey. – Yukon Jenn

A weeklong series on the art of entertaining, for women who are too busy for Pinterest.

We’re about to enter a five-month-long stretch of pink-wine weather. To celebrate the return of summer water, the Cut asked 25-year-old Piora sommelier Victoria James — one of Forbes’s ten New York food innovators under 30 — for a comprehensive guide to the official drink of picnics and rooftops. Then we sampled it so that we might offer our own take. Read on for the best wines to chug, take on vacation, and put in your CamelBak.


Most likely to accompany brunch: Renardat Bugey 
$27, Flatiron Wines

The Professional: “My absolute go-to picnic wine. It is a slightly sparkling wine with a bit of sweetness and a dark-pink color. It is the perfect wine to contrast salty cheeses and charcuteries.”

“Kind of tastes like I could have it for breakfast.” — Aude White, publicist

Best doesn’t-taste-like-a-rosé rosé: Lini Lambrusco
$16.99 Tribeca Wine Merchants

The Professional: “Sometimes the versatility of rosé is elevated with a bit of bubbles. Lini Lambrusco is a delicious pairing for hearty spring dishes like lamb and pastas in cream sauce.”

The Cut:  “It tastes a little sour to me.” – Ashley

Most likely to be bought in bulk: Gris Imperial
$23, Available at Piora

The Professional: “I have this by the glass at Piora. It is delicious, clean, mineral-driven, and extremely versatile. The perfect pairing for spring vegetables.”

The Cut: “Yeah, this is the bottle I want to drink all summer. Delicious, super dry.” – Megan

Closest to an actual rosé: 2015 Sulauze Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence Rosé “Pomponette”
$15.99, Chambers Street Wines

The Professional: “A fun little wine that is an essential Provençal rosé to try. It is so lovely and delicate that it’s hard not to drink the whole bottle.”

The Cut: “It looks like the Gris, but it tastes the opposite.” — Megan

“It’s very floral. I like this one.” – Ashley

Best overall taste: 2015 Bedrock “Ode to Lulu” California Rosé
$24.99 Chambers Street Wines

The Professional: “If you cannot find Domaine Tempier, look for this American rosé instead. Here, the winemaker pays homage to Lulu Peyraud of the famed estate in Bandol. The wine, just like her, is a real firecracker. Made from old-vine Mourvedre (about 120 years old), Carignan, and Grenache, it is a stellar representation of what domestic rosé can be.”

The Cut: “I want all the bottles of it.” – Megan

“It’s a richer, bolder Pomponette. I like this one.” – Ashley Weatherford, associate beauty editor

Overall aesthetics winner: Chateau Puech-Haut Saint-Drezery Prestige 2015
$22 per bottle, Tribeca Wine Merchants

The Professional: “Hailing from a small town in the south of France, this biodynamic wine is made from Grenache and Cinsault. It is many things a rosé should be: light, easy, and pretty. Pair with typical sud de France Mediterranean cuisine.”

The Cut: “It looks very French. Is it French?” – Ashley

“That one is my favesies. It’s light, highly chuggable.” – Eve Peyser, writer

“It’s a rosé I would drink at a ski resort.” — Leah

“Yeah, like when an older man invites me out and I want to impress him.”— Eve

Most chuggable wine: Cep D’Or Aop Côtes de Provence, Les maitres Vignerons de la Presqu’ile de Saint-Tropez
 $13.99, Tribeca Wine Merchants

The Professional: “In the 1960s, the growers of Saint-Tropez banded together to form this promotional outlet for their little-known wines. No need to summer in Saint-Tropez; this year take a few sips of this Provencal rosé instead. Chill down this traditional vintage-shaped bottle and throw it in your beach bag.”

The Cut: “This one is my favorite. It’s very dry. I get like, berry, melon, summer thing. It tastes like the kind of rosé I wanna drink in the summer.”— Megan

“I like it, but it’s boring.” — Leah

“A good wine for chugging. It’s an easy wine. It’s the wine you order when you need a quickie glass.” — Eve 

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