Are you curious about home-brewed espresso? Have you bought your first espresso and you are wondering where to start? Don’t worry, I perfectly understand what you are looking for. First and foremost, welcome to the amazing world of home-brewing. You are definitely in the right place. Secondly, do not blame yourself for not having knowledge on how to make a perfect espresso shot at home. For your information, even the greatest brewer at Starbucks was where you are sometime back. All that matters is time and passion.

best espresso machine

I believe home-brewing is the way, if not the only way to go in the world we are in today. With the cost of living bumping up, everyone is looking for a way to minimize on costs. Buying the best espresso machine has proven to be an amazing way of cutting on breakfast expenses. Forgive me if I am wrong, though this is the plain truth.

Will you now buy one tomorrow? Let’s get started. If you are wondering on where to start in order to make that shot you always yearn for, the following are the crucial things you should have in place:

Coffee Beans, wait a minute, Quality Coffee beans

I will tell you this for free; the beans you have will determine the kind of delicacy you will have on your cup. They will influence the aroma that will come out of your kitchen. They will incite the quality, and richness of your coffee. Having quality beans is therefore not an option. For a beginner like yourself, I recommend you stick to one kind of coffee bean, since it will help you understand what really affects your machine and in what ways. This does not mean you compromise quality, have it from the onset.

Quality Water Supply

I know what you are thinking. You think I am insane when I talk about water quality. Yes, for a fact, the quality of water that is supplied to your house has the ability to ruin not only your espresso, but also the machine itself. It is therefore of great essence to determine the quality of your water before you even think of switching on your maker. This way, you will be able to eliminate unwanted compounds in the supply.

Proper Tamp Pressure

For your information, proper tamp pressure is hugely responsible for how water runs through the coffee puck. Having it is therefore something you should commit all your energy on if you are in dire need of that sweet, aromatic morning brew. As an expert in this industry, I highly recommend 30-35 lbs. of pressure which should be evenly applied throughout the process.

A Perfect Grind Fitness

If the grinder is not faultless, your expensive, high-end coffee beans will mean absolutely nothing. Trust me, you will make the worst shot the world has ever woken up to. I highly recommend a superlative burr grinder with dissimilar levels of adjustment. Have it, and watch when the coffee grinds start clumping. Try this now, how is you coffee?

Nothing comes easy folks. We have been in this kitchen business for long. It calls for hard work, resilience and above all, determination. If you want to make that perfect espresso shot at home, you have to work for it, you have to learn. This article is part of the learning process. Let’s meet in the kitchen!