When I woke up at about 2 at night bobbing on my mattress just like a cork in high seas and observed that my feet had been raised above my head level I realized that something was completely wrong. As I attempted to get out of bed, my hubby woke and asked the reason why the mattress was so unstable. Being weightier than I (thank heavens) he was in a more serious state – his upper body virtually on the floor.

“We have sprung a leak,” I stated as I gathered up the pillow and walked in the direction for the small guest room along with the twin bed.

I understand it sounds absurd but for the last nine months we’ve been sleeping on an air mattress. Provided it is a robust double-high one, nonetheless, it’s an air mattress.
As a matter of fact, we have got an old residence and the staircase to the upper rooms is simply too narrow to get anything larger than a twin bed up and round the corner. So, considering that we gave my father-in-law our own bed as well as bath downstairs, we are typically in a semi-nomadic condition as far as slumbering. For some time we slept on our brand new pull-out sofa in the office, however, let’s face it, regardless of how nice the couch, it certainly is not a bed.

When this did not work we looked for the best air mattress on the market and finally purchased an excellent air mattress and shifted upstairs to the room which was recently vacated by our daughter. Now, Pa is almost 92 and I think he’s got Duracell batteries in his pacemaker simply because he is getting stronger, compelling us to reconsider our sleeping plans.

I was holding out to buy a bed since the next bed I desire is a king, (that I cannot get upstairs), but ending up on the deflated end of the air mattress at 2 at night forced us to make a decision.

The good thing is that no one will buy beds just before Christmas, therefore, the clerk was ready to negotiate with us. Thus, we purchased another twin, and at last, after 9 months slept in genuine beds which worked like a king. (I nearly bought champagne.)

Some things are simply worth it, even though they are not in the plan.

I am really thanking God we have a real bed!