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To keep abreast with some of the best chef knives and kitchen knives on the market, it is imperative you go through a number of best kitchen knives reviews. It is equally important to familiarize yourself with some of the renowned knife companies in the world. Wusthof Company (a German kitchen knives company) is famed for not only being among the best knife companies, but for also manufacturing some of the most versatile knives suitable for both home cooking and professional cooking enthusiasts. Here’s a quick guide for buying the best kitchen knives set.
kitchen knives
Wusthof Gourmet Cooks Knife

This knife comes with a synthetic ergonomic handle, which has been triple folded for purposes of enhancing its durability but at the same time retaining the smoothness and stylish looks of the knife. It also boasts of a computer controlled polishing and grinding of the blade, thus ensuring the knife’s cutting blade remains razor sharp and easier to resharpen.

Wusthof Ikon Knife

This knife has a perfect handle that is suitable for preparing virtually all cuisines ranging from Asian to Western cuisines. It comes with an extraordinary sharp blade that is easy to maintain. Its blade is also lined with high carbon stainless steel thus giving it outstanding strength. This knife is well balanced for effortless cutting and also comes with a specially designed bolster.

Wusthof Xline Bread Knife

This knife features a double-beveled blade that is specifically designed for purposes of ensuring a smooth slice, a ceramic coating on its blade and a carbon coating to increase the longevity of its blade. This knife perfectly suits both a professional chef and a starter cook.

Wusthof Classic Ikon

This knife is specifically designed to give both chefs and home owners ultimate cutting experience. It comes with a synthetic handle which is stylishly contoured for purposes of providing both control and hand comfort. Its blade is skillfully honed and also boasts of an incredible sharp edge, thus providing less resistance when slicing and shopping. It also has a computer controlled polishing and grinding of the blade.

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There are things that my mother didn’t tell me. Unfortunately, it wasn’t something that should have been taught in school- or so I think. The little science I learned in class couldn’t really give me the knowledge I needed to know how to choose the right pots and pans. Don’t be mistaken; I am not complaining. Rather, I just want to let you know that some of the things that we need to know are learned through experience. These are things that we learn when we start handling bigger responsibilities – like running a family, managing a home, and most importantly, the kitchen.

One of the things that I didn’t know is that the type of pots and pans a person chooses has the potential to worsen or improve his or her cooking. Does this make any sense to you? Apparently, as weird as this might sound, it actually is the truth of the matter. As soon as I got hold of this important piece of information, and upon verifying it, there was no turning back – I started finding the best cookware. Besides, my adventurous nature wouldn’t allow me to just sit back and let the world pass me by. Even though I had planned for it, I sacrificed some unimportant monthly expenses to replace my cookware.

set of cookware

Before replacing my cookware, I first of all evaluated what I had in the kitchen and how they were impacting my cooking. It came to my realization that I needed to make a few changes here and there. Briefly, let me share with you how buying the best cookware has transformed my cooking. The primary change had to do with the material used to make the cookware. I bought several pieces of cookware made of heavy gauge materials. The thinner gauge materials sitting in my kitchen cabinet had already warped at the bottom. Some of them even had dents.

As I later realized, the dents and warping was the common cause of food scorching. It is important for the cookware bottom to be as flat as possible- especially if the stovetop component is electric. Heavy gauge materials are durable and aren’t prone to dents and warps. On the same note, the heat usually spread more evenly compared to the pans and pots made using thinner gauge materials.

You must already be wondering how to determine the heaviness of a pan. Well, it’s pretty straightforward. First and foremost, lift the item and then look at how thick the walls and the base are. Try rapping it using your knuckles and listen keenly to the type of sound produced. You are looking at two possibilities – a dull thud or a light ping. If you hear the former, the material is thick enough.

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Coming up with a meal of rice can be incredibly tricky. Ideally, if you do not know how to cook, there is no way you will get the whole process right. However, did you know that you can pull through the whole process effectively and with so much ease if today you decide to use one of the best rice cookers? After they unveiled their first Panasonic rice cooker, Panasonic have constantly continued to develop amazing rice cookers with the best rice cooker reviews by users. Panasonic SR-G06GF is currently being sought after by many rice lovers.

Top features of Panasonic SR-G06GF

With many people going for this item, this is no surprise because every part of this rice cooker has been laid out perfectly well. Its designed has been incredibly crafted and done. In fact, apart from the kind of reliability you will get from this amazing Panasonic rice cooker, the design alone will give the whole rice cooker a modern and appealing look.


Automatic cooking

From the way many electric rice cookers are being designed, it seems automatic features being included has become the order of the day, and this model has not also been left out. This rice cooker come fully equipped with automatic shut off and cooking for easy operation. You can program the rice cooker to cook for some then automatically shuts off on its own.

3-cups of rice and transparent glass

These two features have, practically, raised the standards of this rice cooker. It can automatically cook up three cups of uncooked rice. Additionally, the see-through glass that comes with this item will give you an amazing opportunity to see the progress of your cooking with so much ease.


It can be frustrating to buy a rice cooker only to find you still need to buy other accessories to complete the whole rice cooker. However, with this model, you need not to worry for it comes fully accessorize with rice scoop, a cup and a multilingual instruction manual. Other major highlights of this Panasonic rice cooker certainly have to be stay cool lid, light indicator when cooking and amazing handles that will enable you to safely move this item from one location to another.

Bottom line, this rice cooker is reliable and worth checking out. However, if today you decide to buy this rice cooker, it is very important you know that it is not recommended for brown rice; besides, you will have to clean your uncooked rice before you cook; and let that must be done in a separate pan and not on the one coming with the rice cooker.

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